Submit an ask, offer assistance, and connect with the REACH network.

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The diverse network of REACH members can help you accomplish your goals. In addition to CONNECTing with partners on the Collaborator Networking Platform and finding helpful tools in the LEARN resource library, you can send ‘asks’ in the REACH newsletter.

If someone can help you, they send an ‘offer’.

And then you’re connected with someone who can help you achieve your goals. 

All REACH members are expected to adhere to our codes of conduct

Why you should ask for help

Research shows that the most successful people ask for help more often, and getting input from people with different backgrounds leads to more success.

Asking for help takes courage – but we all need it! 

Asking for help is easy

An “ask” can be as simple as “I need a recommendation for _______”   or   “I’m looking for support on _________”

Whenever possible, be sure to mention how many people, when you need help, and how long.

For example, I am looking for 2 volunteers to help run my job fair events which take place on the first Saturday of each month from 9am-12pm.

Submit an Ask to the REACH member network

We'll send this out to our mailing list and offer assistance ourselves whenever we can! Whoever can make an 'offer' to your 'ask' will reach out to you.

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Please specify WHAT, WHEN, HOW MUCH, and for HOW LONG.
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