REACH Cohort Program

Academic partners and graduates of the Community Scholars Program can participate in a customized cohort-based training, where community and academic partners learn side-by-side to build a partnership towards a common goal.

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Whether it’s for research projects, community initiatives, or training and education, the REACH Cohort Program offers an efficient way to connect and collaborate so you can achieve your goals. Your program could include…

One-to-one coaching

Group coaching and convening


Information gathering and planning with stakeholders

Identifying key community partners

Coalition building

Capacity building and training activities

Event and symposia planning

Grant proposal development

and more…

Bring your community and academic partners together with our customizable program designed to foster collaboration and build the capacity of community and academics to work together.

Our Philosophy

We believe you cannot achieve health and equity without both community and academic partners at the table. Sharing power and recognizing each partner’s unique contribution and expertise are keystones to equitable partnerships. You then must establish a mutual agenda to accomplish your respective missions and lay out clear expectations and codes of conduct to navigate the long path to a strong, sustainable partnership. We’re here to help with that.

Areas of learning

Understanding one another and the competing interests of community and academic life

Establishing clear communication channels, expectations, and codes of conduct

Setting a shared agenda to provide mutual benefit and tangible impact for the community

The language, documents, and processes you need to know

Recognizing the unique value and contributions of each partner

Building a solution together, from conception to application