Codes of Conduct

Respect, integrity, and accountability are pivotal to success. We expect all community and academic partners participating in REACH to abide by these standards and codes of conduct.

1. Respect for the Community

a) Recognize the community as equal partners and respect their values, beliefs, and practices; b) Ensure that community members have equal access to information and resources; c) Protect the privacy and confidentiality of community members and their data.  

2. Collaboration

a) Ensure that each partner has a voice and an opportunity to contribute; b) Maintain open and honest communication.

3. Equity

a) Acknowledge and work to address power imbalances and historical injustices; b) Ensure that benefits and burdens are distributed equitably among all partners; c) Work to advance the interests of all partners, not just academic or community interests; d) Share findings with all partners and stakeholders and ensure equal access to the data.

4. Integrity

a) Conduct research and activities in a manner consistent with scientific and ethical principles; b) Respect intellectual property rights and give credit where credit is due.

If any partner violates these standards and is unwilling to work with REACH to remedy the situation, we reserve the right to remove that partner’s profile, resources, events, or other engagements.