Our Team

We work to strengthen the relationship between community and academia so that everybody wins.

Sara Soloman

Sara Solomon, MPH, RD

Co-Director, REACH  |  Deputy Director, Penn Injury Science Center  |  sarasol@upenn.edu

Nicole Thomas

Nicole Thomas, MBA, CDP

Co-Director, REACH  |  Director, Urban Health Lab  |  nicoleat@pennmedicine.upenn.edu

Lucy Tuton

Lucy Wolf Tuton, PhD

Associate Director, REACH  |  Adjunct Professor of Medicine and of Prevention and Population Health  |  Executive Director, Bridging the Gaps  |  tuton@upenn.edu

Andrew Belfiglio

Andrew Belfiglio, MPH

Director of Communications and Data Analytics  |  andrew.belfiglio@pennmedicine.upenn.edu

With a background in psychology and public health, Andrew helps community organizations and academics communicate more effectively with their stakeholders through print and digital media, including websites, data visuals, videography, and more. The overarching goals in Andrew’s work are to help people strategize their messages and to make data more accessible and actionable to improve public health.