Vivek Ashok

Postdoctoral Research Fellow - National Clinician Scholars Program

General Pediatrician/Internist, Postdoctoral Research Fellow – Penn Injury Science Center, Associate Fellow – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Center for Violence Prevention, Affiliate Trainee – CHOP PolicyLab

I am a general pediatrician and internist. My work involves investigating gun violence prevention policies and lethal means counseling. I am a postdoctoral research fellow and started my research career in June 2023, however, I have been deeply involved in community and legislative advocacy to prevent gun violence for 6+ years. I am interested in community-academic partnerships to address ethical and equitable implementation of gun violence prevention policies. In terms of past CBPR, I have worked with community partners to conceptualize how to apply principles of restorative justice to clinical practice. The ideal partner for me would be one that is interested in evaluating the unintended consequences of firearm violence prevention policies. Additionally, I would love to develop relationships with partners who have an understanding of restorative justice to adapt these practices into a clinical context. As a partner, I am collaborative and service-oriented. You can expect me to be honest with time commitments and expectations of myself. Additionally, I am humbled to listen and learn. I hope to use partnership to collectively work to achieve a more prosperous and safe community.

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