Stephanie Sylvain

Community Leader

Consultant, Social Services Advocate

My community work involves at-risk and marginalized populations especially Haitian immigrants of all ages as well as youth and young adults. I began this work over 20 years by assisting relatives migrating from Haiti and members within my church, the First Haitian Church of God.  Support included review of medical and business forms related to insurance, Social Security and mortgages to avoid the loss of their homes. In addition, parents were assisted with job applications, resumes and job interview questionnaire reviews as well as college applications and the outlines of papers when they decided to follow their academic dreams in the states. This was also true for their children from resume building to college applications and other services including, but not limited to mentorship.

I am interested in community-academic partnerships that combat the issue of immigration needs (i.e. work permits and appropriate legal services for immigration application completion where needed); education on all levels (i.e. Language classes for those who desire to learn Haitian Creole and French plus those new to the country who want to learn English, health topics/issues including the heart and mental health options, the truth about career readiness); and a message of hope via strength-based skill building which combat symptoms and by-products of adversity and social ills (low self-esteem, violence) with a Christ-centered foundation. The interests above are action steps that I have previously and currently take to improve my community and those within it.

My ideal partner would be one of good moral approach reflecting integrity, honesty and kindness. That partner would understand that I can combat social ills and make a difference with the incorporation of facts and relevant resources (i.e. blood pressure and HIV testing) at designated events, but all that I do has a foundational basis which drives me specific direction. Financial backing would be appreciated since I conduct this work out of my own pocket with the periodic support of others specifically when my annual Youth and Young Adult Empowerment Conference occurs. My ideal partner can expect me and my organization to be transparent, honest, diligent, willing to roll up my/our shelves first and execute the vision set forth by the Holy Spirit in our lives. I understand that this may limit who will collaborate with me, but appreciate that fact. There are many needs in this world. I cannot nor am I not seeking to address everything, just the thing (or things) that I feel divinely called to do.

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