Academic Partner

Making Community Partnerships Work: A Toolkit

The March of Dimes Foundation created a comprehensive toolkit to learn about, prepare for, begin, and sustain community-based participatory partnerships. The toolkit is intended "for newcomers and seasoned organizers, community-based groups, public and private...

Community Advisory Boards

This presentation slide deck from the West Virginia Clinical and Translational Science Institute defines what a Community Advisory Board (CAB) is, how a CAB functions, why they are important, and what CAB members can expect. This is good if you've been invited to...

The Curb-Cut Effect

This article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review defines the "curb-cut effect" which is the tendency for laws and programs designed to benefit vulnerable groups, such as people with disabilities or people who have been marginalized, often end up benefiting all of...

Community Wise Podcast: Racial Equity episode

The Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) podcast, titled Community Wise, welcomes PolicyLink President and CEO Michael McAfee to explore the present and future of community and economic development through the lens of racial equity. This is an informative...

What is Community Anyway?

This article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review helps define "community" and the many ways to think about what makes communities unique. This is important for "outsiders" engaging in community-based work.

Pennsylvania Crash Information Tool

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation provides crash statistics and reports for the state and for specific counties and municipalities. Excellent sources of data for transportation-related injuries.

Firearm Injury Prevention Dashboard

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health offers a data dashboard where you can find citywide statistics relating to gun violence and its upstream factors, like poverty and other social determinants of health. Firearm suicide data are also available.