Academic Partner

Guide to Equitable Language in Grant Writing

This one-page infographic is a good reminder of some key considerations when writing about health disparities and health equity using language that accurately describes the context and respects/empowers the population. Perfect to print and post in your work space.

Applying for Grants

The Community Tool Box outlines the key steps to creating a grant application that's likely to succeed. This could be helpful if you're newer to grants, or if you're looking for a step-by-step guide to work through with a partner.

Measuring Social Determinants of Health

The PhenX toolkit curates standard data collection measures for various topic areas, this specific one being for measuring social determinants of health. Using standard measures allows you to compare "apples to apples" with other research projects, as opposed to each...

CDC Evaluation Framework

This is a YouTube video from the CDC which summarizes each piece of their public health evaluation framework. (9 minutes)

Best Practices for Convening a Consumer Advisory Board

The Center for Health Care Strategies has a simple infographic to summarize key points for convening a consumer/community advisory board. Great for printing out and posting in your work space to keep things in mind.

Evaluation Guide: Developing and Using a Logic Model

The CDC has a comprehensive guide for defining, creating, and using a logic model, which helps identify a program's activities and its intended effects. This is great if you like learning by reading and written examples. It also includes a template.

Asset Mapping

The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research provides an introduction and overview of asset mapping. This step-by-step guide for mapping community assets is a good place to start, but we also suggest you review our other asset mapping resources for more comprehensive...

Assessing Community Needs and Resources

The Community Tool Box outlines the steps and questions you should consider when mapping out a community's needs and existing resources/strengths, as one of the first steps to take to address priority issues in the community.

Participatory Asset Mapping: A Community Research Lab Toolkit

Healthy City, a program of the Advancement Project California, offers a comprehensive guide to conducting asset mapping, the process of identifying and providing information on a community's existing assets. This is good for people who learn by reading, and it has...